What is Kombucha

Fermented kombucha tea is a low calorie, gluten free beverage with a mouthwatering, tart, pleasantly fruity, sparkling taste making it an excellent companion or substitute to beer, cider, and wine. We envision kombucha as the perfect beverage for any occasion. Lake days, beach BBQs, and front porch sunsets are some of our favorite ways to enjoy kombucha!


What is craft Kombucha

We believe kombucha deserves a craft category much like beer. kombucha is truly artisanal, produced in small batches by hand, as is dictated by the fermentation process. The microbial culture responsible for fermentation and flavor of kombucha is unique to locale and environment. Since the fermentation process ultimately determines flavor, one kombucha brewery can really be distinguished from another by their culture. The fermented tea can then be blended with locally sourced ingredients for a variety of flavor combinations. Oregon is a prime location for brewing kombucha, with an abundance of locally grown ingredients and a moderate climate for fermentation.


What is different about INTEA Kombucha


That's simple, we focus on flavor and drinkability! Our trained team of food and fermentation experts have developed innovative brewing practices to enhance the natural flavors of fermentation. We then blend our fermented tea to perfection with carefully selected fruits, herbs, and spices. We consider the healthy properties of kombucha tea an added benefit intrinsic of the fermentation process known to cultivate beneficial probiotic bacteria, vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids. 

Where can I find INTEA Kombucha

Find us at Pastega Cafe on 9th St!


Coming soon to Western Oregon University.


Interested in carrying our kombucha? 

Contact: INTEAkombucha@gmail.com



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