So what's with all the goats people?

In South America, the phrase "crazy as goats" or "loco como cabra" is used to describe someone who is off their rocker, mad as a hatter, loony tunes, out of their get the idea. 


You'd have to be crazy as goats to brew fermented tea, but we said "why not?"


Hey, it's us! the INTEAM. and We are on a mission to make great tasting craft kombucha in corvallis, ORegon.

Inti was thought to be the giver of life and the solar deity providing warmth and light necessary for agriculture in Peru. The creators of INTEA decided that after a long Oregon winter without sun, a search was in order for sunnier skies. They journeyed into the Cascades, and were soon sunning on a mountain lake shoreline. The idea for INTEA Kombucha was born on those shores with the shared ideology that the sun is a perfect symbol for the light we try to bring into our life each and every day.

Meet Inti, the Incan sun god, and the unofficial mascot and inspiration for intea kombucha.

As sun worshipers, we enjoy playing outside and live active lives. We strive to do our best to respect the Pacha Mama (earth mother) who is Inti's sister after all. And we work hard to bring that light into our own lives, as uplifting and compassionate friends, family members, and neighbors.

© 2017 INTEA Kombucha.

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